The CTP insurance protecting more Queensland families

Why choose Suncorp for your CTP?

Suncorp Insurance cares about Queensland drivers. That's why we offer you more than just basic cover.

Driver Protection Cover, for up to $2 million in benefits for specified serious injuries to eligible at-fault drivers*.
Access to an advisory team of health care and rehabilitation professionals.
A dedicated Queensland-based claims team providing an efficient claims process with more than 70 years' experience and over 1 million customers.
The knowledge you're helping us in our support of Youngcare.

Suncorp is the Foundation Partner of Youngcare. The partnership is focussed on supporting Youngcare's At Home Care Grants and the Youngcare Connect programs.

The Youngcare At Home Care Grants program is critical in keeping young people at home with their families, and preventing new admissions to inappropriate housing. The Youngcare Connect program is a referral and community connection service for people living with a disability, their carers, support networks and community.

Visit the Youngcare website for more information. To support Youngcare, switch your QLD CTP to Suncorp Insurance and we will make a donation on your behalf.

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You can help change the lives of 1,000 young Queenslanders

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